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Email System

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Follow-up Autoresponders & Single Email Broadcasts

Automated Variables:

Send a Broadcast Message - A broadcast is a single message sent to a select group of prospects. Choose from an existing message or create a new one and send to your selected target list.

HTML Email Templates - Messages can be created from email templates as uploaded by admin if the user wishes to create their own message campaign. This can be controlled by our corporate feature "compliance module" if necessary.

Test Email Messages - Each message can be tested without having to wait for the entire autoresponder series. This is a good way to see if everything looks ok before sending to actual prospects.

Message Campaigns

Autoresponder Campaign Messages - View any message campaign and easily edit the content or change the follow-up day..

Edit Existing or Create New Campaign Message - Once a message is selected it can be edited and updated to the current message campaign or saved as a new message for a different message campaign.

Personalized Email Messages - Easily personalize the message to each prospect by using the information they have given when subscribing.

My Message Library - This is the place to store your own messages so that you can use them in broadcaqst messages at a later time to a targeted list of prospects.

Add a Subscriber to a Message Campaign - In some cases it may be necessary to manually insert a subscriber into an autoresponder campaign. You must, of course, have their permission to do so and in no way should the system be used to spam. There is a daily limit to the number that each user can manually insert.

Email Stats

Autoresponder Stats

All autoresponder messages are tracked and reported giving you great insight to your open rates and click thrus and more.

Broadcast Stats

Each broadcast messages are tracked and reported giving you great insight to your open rates and click thrus and more.

Opened Emails and Clicked Links Tracking

See who is opening the HTML email messages and clicking on links. View a history of the past 24 hours, 5 days, 10, 30, 60, 120, and 360 days.

View Broadcast Stats

With each broadcast message sent, a history of key data is recorded and reported in this section, including Opens, Clicks, Forwards, Bounces and Unsubscribes.